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Woodworm Removal in Preston

Woodworm refers to the collective description of various species of woodboring beetles. These small beetles lay larvae or eggs within wooden frames in houses, and the larvae feed on the wooden structures.

It is the larvae that do considerable damage, weakening timber structures and causing cosmetic and structural damage.

Woodworm Infestations

  • Woodworm usually reside outside and rarely cause issues.
  • If these woodworm beetles are carried into your home, then they become a problem. Once in your property they will quickly infest your wooden structures.
  • Woodworm infestations can destroy floorboards, window frames, beams and furniture if not treated immediately.
  • Leaving an infestation will increase the damage caused by these small pests.

Woodworm Removal

  • Removing woodworm larvae and beetles requires professional help, and D & R have over 35 years’ identifying and eradicating woodworm infestations.
  • There are three main solutions for woodworm treatment: chemical applications, timber treatment and controlled heat treatment.
  • All of our methods are safe for the environment, families and pets.

Common signs of woodworm

If you spot small pinholes in the woodwork, it is very likely you have a woodworm problem. Larvae feed on wood and will leave small piles of dust. If the woodworm infestation has been left for a while, the wooden structure will start to crumble and erode, if this has happened you may have a significant issue and resulting costs.

How to Treat Woodworm

Unfortunately, once an infestation of woodworm has occurred, there is no DIY solution as they will only slow the process down and not eradicate the issue.

Getting professionals to carry out a survey is always recommended.

So, please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a qualified survey, quotation and a competitive solution.

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